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Friday Fritter

A few of my cool photographer friends and I have come up with little assignments to keep ourselves sharp. This weeks assignment is “the relationship between the fork and knife.” A classic. So here is my contribution to the fray.   I learned a few things with this one. 1. I have hard water. 2. […]

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Sarah Gutierrez - Love it! Great photos! It’s a interesting piece made into a beautiful picture.


Had a great time this holiday season! Here are  a few photos of my daughter and I trying to figure out how to make a gingerbread house. 🙂 Look at the concentration! Home sweet home. 🙂

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admin - You better believe it girl! It’s on! I will give you a call. 🙂

roseann - Astrid!!!!! I suddenly miss you!!! These are awesome shots! Your daughter is beautiful and I must see you! Let’s do Disneyland together!

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